Our Services are nearly fullservice,

but of course we like to make "just" a logo or a website too.

However, we love a complete package, because it seems more logical to us, since every piece of ​​marketing depends on the others and can benefit from each other or may not.

A typical project:

Icon Werbeagentur meeting


A meeting to get to know each other, so that we can write a suitable individual offer that is tailored to your needs and demands.

Icon Agentur budget


We present our offer and explain why we think it is useful. Our sample customer is naturally enthusiastic and would like to implement all optional points from the offer, but does not have the budget for all points. We consult and find the best possible compromise, and consider possible future measures.

Icon Werbeagentur angebot


We start by helping the customer a little bit with his positioning, but the main task is done by himself.

We create a short concept of the work steps and propose to talk about the possibility to communicate the process of the (re-) design in the social media channels and to present the individual steps in advance.

Icon Websites domain


We buy the domain on behalf of our customer or transfer it to us and connect it to the appropriate hosting.

Icon Werbeagentur smigns Design


Now we hop on to the logo design and a mini design guide. At first we roughly determine the focusing together with our client and develop the first logo designs based on that. Usually, the client can already opt for one of the logo designs and we go into a correction run. And yippieh, the logo is ready.

Icon smigns webdesign


Based on our structure concept we can start with the website. Stock photos are being researched that doesn't look too "stocky", and some "real photos" are being edited and pimped.

Icon Werbeagentur angebot


Our client has completed his texts and inserted keywords we identified based on a keyword analysis. So we can start with the initial filling of the website with its content.

Icon suchmaschinenoptimierung seo


The SEO fine tuning on Metadescriptions, tag control, internal links, etc. are checked on the basis of an OnPage analysis.

Icon Werbeagentur Marketing


The marketing to the website starts now. In the meantime of website creation, we have also created a marketing concept so that the new pretty website can also be seen and found and achieve its own goals (eg. lead generation).

Icon smigns reporting

Ongoing Collaboration

GoogleAdwords and Google Analytics will be constantly monitored and optimized for the first 3 months. Every month there is not only an evaluation and a reporting but also a small training, so that in the future the client can do this stuff at his own and we are only a sparring partner.

Of course, every step could be expanded in our story. Everything is meaningful when it comes to content creation,

  • like ordering written SEO texts,
  • producing videos,
  • create "real and authentic" photos.
  • ordering a concept for content strategy including a topic checklist

It would be nice if this were all possible.

And often it is, but not everything at once.

We are happy to accompany a continuous build-up process, where the profits and solvency of our clients are constantly increasing, and part of them can be invested in better marketing, in order to be able to challenge the market leader soon.

If you want to meet us

We are ready

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